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SGH-S Smart Meter Gateway 

The SGH-S (Smart Grid Hub – Secure) is the link between consumers and producers and takes on tasks such as tariff setting, processing and provision of billing data.

The communications gateway SGH-S takes on official tasks such as tariffing, processing and provision of billing data in strict compliance with data protection regulations. As a multifunctional device, the SGH-S connects the connection points of consumers, producers and prosumers with the applications and services of active and passive market participants in the network. The SGH-S thus plays a crucial role in the increasingly complex management of low-voltage and medium-voltage distribution networks in a decentralized and volatile energy supply. Of course, the necessary certifications for use in accordance with calibration law and for IT security are available from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Product information

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The SGH-S from EFR offers numerous advantages beyond the basic functionality: 

  • An optionally available incorrect installation protection prevents typical assembly mishaps
  • Independent TLS-protected Ethernet IP port for WAN connectivity 
  • Real-time clock for accurate timestamps up to 5 days
  • Sustainability through short delivery routes and production in Thuringia
  • High-frequency counter values on the HAN interface
  • Interoperability with numerous commercially available meters in the electricity, gas, water and heating sectors (* please note our information on this) 
  • Reduction in complexity: Upon request, EFR offers complete IMSys consisting of basic meter, SMGW and control box from a single source
  • The SGH-S is currently available in two versions: A variant with an LTE mobile module for connection via the 4G network (fallback to 2G in the event of connection problems) and a variant with an LTE-M mobile module, which is suitable for the connection via 450 MHz network. Another variant for broadband powerline is in development and will be available shortly.


The following properties are characteristic of this high-security product:  

  • Conformity to FNN specifications SMGW v1.3, BSI-CC-PP-0073-2014, BSI TR-030 TR-03109-1 v1.1, PTB-A50.8
  • Integrated security module with legal certification ensures cryptographic security and highly secuse communication 
  • Independent TLS protected Ethernet IP interface for WAN connectivity 
  • Independent TLS protected Ethernet IP interface for HAN/CLS connectivity
  • Separate HAAN and CLS interface 
  • Integrated S0CKS5 server for transparent connection of control devices to the CLS channel
  • Integrated WEB server to provide data to end users via HAN interface
  • TLS protected RS 485 / HDLC bus interface for connecting meters 
  • Secure wM-Bus radio interface according to the OMS standard for connecting meters of all types
  • 230 V AC mains supply
  • Multi-party capability ((supporting connection to multiple meters and customers) Management of TLS certificates for all connected devices
  • Two-way authentication for aall connections
  • Configuration via dedicated profiles for communication, user authorization and processes by the authorized administrator (GWA)
  • Various evaluations / use cases (TAFs) for the preparation and provision of information (see functions for details)
  • Dedicated logbooks for calibration law data, system information and end user data
  • Secured firmware upgrade over the WAN channel
  • Integrated mobile connectivity for WAN (in addition to Ethernet WAN) with the integrated cellular CAT1 LTE option fpr LTE bands B1, B3, B7, B8, B20, B28A as well as 2G bands B3, B8 (variant SGH-S-AL1) or CAT-M1 LTE-M for the bands B1, B3, B8, B20, B28, B72 to support 450 MHz (variant SGH-S-AM1)
  • Mobile authentication through inserted Mini-SIM (2FF) or eSIM


Highly secure communication gateway for intelligent measurement systems, network management 

In combination with the system-capable basic meter SGM-D4, the secure communication gateway SGH-S forms an intelligent measurement system “iMSys”. Customers with load management, heating control and EEG supply will in future be able to use the GCU-S control box as an additional component, which will be connected to the control center via the CLS interface of the smart meter gateway. 

The SGH-S gateway and the associated GCU-S control box can be integrated into the basic meter as components of the Smart Energy portfolio. Together they form the basis for customer management, efficient energy use and automation in modern distribution networks (smart grid).

Other areas of application include building automation and resource management in commercial and industrial companies, where the SGH-S can be used as a secure communication node. 


The functionality of the device can be designed flexibly through a highly secure firmware upgrade and by separating the firmware into a fixed domain that can be changed over the operating period.

The following functions are available as standard: 

  • Role-based authorization, multi-tenancy
  • Real-time clock, time synchronization via NTP server, time stamping 
  • Self-monitoring and testing (system/operation log)
  • Supported tariff use cases:
    • TAF-1: Data-saving tariffs
    • TAF-2: Time-variable tariffs
    • TAF-6: retrieval if necessary
    • TAF-7: Meter reading measurement for variable tariffing
    • TAF-9: Retrieval of the actual feed-in of a generation plant
    • TAF-10: Retrieval of network status data
    • TAF-14: High-frequency measurement provision for value-added services  
  • Providing historical information to end users via a web interface, for example for integration into the smart home
  • Tamper detection and protection
  • Configuration via gateway administrator
  • Installation via DIN rail, DIN 43857. automated commissioning 

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