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Smart Energy Devices

The EFR device family for the smart grid

EFR offers smart metering and smart grid solutions for end-to-end measurement and grid management tasks and, in this context, offers a coordinated and thoroughly tested range of packages consisting of modern metering devices, smart meter gateways (BSI-CC-1000) and control boxes.

Meters meeting the requirements of the German market are developed and manufactured in EFR’s expertise network with locations in Munich, Berlin and Wutha-Farnroda (Thuringia) as well as high-performance production partners in the Asian economic area.

EFR’s meter business location in Wutha-Farnroda (Thuringia) plays a crucial role in this. Product management, development, quality assurance, production planning and control and logistics all take place at this location.

A second production facility is being set up in Thuringia to meet the needs of the successful rollout in the German market. Additional production batches, initially in small to medium volumes, will be produced at this location for specific customer requirements. This allows production capacity and lead times to be further optimized in cooperation with the existing production facility.

Electronic electricity meters

The SGM series gives you system-ready meters for measuring active power with residential and commercial customers.

All devices – SGM-C4 and SGM-C2 compact metering devices and the newer SGM-C6 and SGM-C8, SGM-SM eHZ meters or SGM-D4 FNN basic meters –  fully meet the legal requirements of the Measuring Point Operation Act (MsbG) and the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) and can be securely connected to an SMGW.

Our electronic electricity meters


EFR’s range of devices is complemented by numerous accessories to provide need-oriented, economically sound solutions. We offer you accessories that meet the requirements of applicable standards and the legal provisions of the MsbG and the Bundesnetzagentur with type test certificates.

Our accessories

Smart meter gateway

EFR’s Smart Grid Hub – Secure (SGH-S) communications gateway is a versatile smart meter gateway (BSI-CC-1000) that supports billing-relevant tariff use cases as well as a variety of value-added services and grid control. Among other things, this enables connection of HAN and CLS devices, such as a control box.

In response to the granting of the 450 MHz frequency band to operators of critical infrastructure, EFR has launched a new version of the SGH-S. Along with versions for communication via Ethernet or LTE, a new device version for LTE 450 will be available soon. It will have an eSIM, massively simplifying SIM management.

Our smart meter gateway

Control box

Continuous advancements in distributed power generation and the growing popularity of electric vehicles create new applications for this family of devices, such as smart control of distributed storage components and controlled charging of electric vehicles according to dynamic grid status. For these grid-friendly tasks, such as imbalance detection or price-sensitive switching, the EFR GCU-S control box provides distributed intelligence in endpoint devices.

Our control box

iASB (car charging box)

The Smart Car Power Box (iASB) is designed for high-performance three-phase charging of electric vehicles in commercial and residential environments (11 kW and 22 kW). A 4 kW model has been developed for single-phase charging.

Our iASB (car charging box)

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