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Electronic Electricity Meters

The SGM series: system-ready meters for measuring active power in residential and commercial environments

The SGM series offers you system-ready meters for measuring active power with residential and commercial customers: 

  • mMe three-phase or single-phase version, SGM-C4 or new model SGM-C8 
  • eHZ meter, mMe three-phase or single-phase version, SGM-SM

All devices – SGM-C4/SGM-C2 compact modern metering devices and the newer SGM-C6/SGM-C8 models, SGM-SM eHZ meter and SGM-D4 FNN basic meter –  fully meet the legal requirements of the Measuring Point Operation Act (MsbG) and the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) and can be securely connected to an SMGW. 

Basic meter

The SGM-D4 smart grid meter is our latest generation of FNN basic meter with three-point mounting. It is a system-ready meter for measuring active power that fulfills the legal requirements of the Measuring Point Operation Act (MsbG) for connection to smart meter gateways and can be combined with the SGH-S smart meter gateway to form a smart metering system. The standardized installation space allow installation of the GCU-S control box. Along with integrated grid data acquisition, the SGM-D4 is a perfect solution for use cases with switching and control tasks arising from the digitalization of power grids.

Our basic meter


The modern metering devices of the SGM series can be used with all customer facilities directly connected through four wires and are suitable for residential customers and multi-unit housing, customers with self-generation and feed-in into the public grid for both commercial and regional operations. The basic version supports all basic functions required by the Measuring Point Operation Act (MsbG) and has an optical interface. The functional scope can be extended modularly.

Our mME


To extend the functional scope, we offer accessories compliant with the required standards and with type test certificates. For the new mME generation, we offer various modules for dual-tariff use as well as LMN-BAB adapters for secure connection to a smart meter gateway. Our sustainable module design is need-oriented and economically sound.

Our accessories

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