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EFR is main sponsor of the metering days 2018

EFR is once again one of the 50 exhibitors and the main sponsor of the metering days this year, to be held on 23rd to 24th October in Fulda. The event is classified as “THE branch meeting” and offers a compact information platform on the subject of digitization of the energy transition. More than 600 participants are expected in Fulda.

EFR presents the device family for the Smart Grid consisting of a modern measuring device mMe, Smart Meter base meter, communication adapter, control box and SMGw(registered under certification number BSI-DSZ-CC-1000).

As a novelty, the modular software solution will be conceived in the CLS management “Grid Control Suite”. The flexible middleware can be optimally positioned between the network control level, GWA and EMT (e.g. direct marketers and control boxes). Thus, the control center is relieved and network-critical switching tasks are accelerated. The solution is scalable and high-performing up to the volume rollout.

During the event, Dr. Ali Inan, Head of Smart Energy at EFR GmbH, shall in the “metering solutions forum” give a talk on “Highly secure, BSI-compliant distribution grid management”.

EFR will use the metering days framework to present a webinar for active external market participants in the sense of the Digitization Law (direct marketers, VPP, wMSB, platform operators, gMSB and market players) and invite interested parties. It will deal with digital network control and its possibilities of use, the digital network control will be explained, areas of application, challenges and opportunities and a short demo of a popular network control tool will be shown.

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