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Stadtwerke Borken is the first customer of “EFR Sensor Control”

EFR has developed a new product for the control of public lighting: “EFR Sensor Control”.

It is a cloud-based system, which consists of a remotely controllable twilight sensor, an online portal for configuring and long-wave receivers. The sensor has a measuring range up to 500 lux and automatically connects to the server of the EFR GmbH. It transmits the current brightness value at interval of every 15 minutes. The twilight sensor is equipped with a GPS antenna for local measurements. A National Roaming SIM card is included for the wireless transmission.

STW Borken is convinced with the system, so they chose to be the first customer. The street lights are controlled via the “EFR Sensor Control” since June this year. Other interested parties are already talking to EFR.

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